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Entry #3

summer siesta

2010-08-13 02:19:32 by BurningRabbit

Well there it is, meh second one.

Worked on it for 3 days, cause I was lazy - as always ^^

Complety made with Garage Band on Mac (have both Win and Mac on my MacBook :P)
You might notice that there's a tremolo sound going on at the first sound effect during the beginning - that's because of a quality cut I had to make, the original file is over 8MB - so naturally - a few other sounds won't come as clean as I want them to.

Nevertheless, it was fun to make, my buddy says that he can here this all day long - which he actually does, and to be honest it's getting a liiiiiittle annoying, so I better be dropping something new soon, or else he'll be in siesta mood for quite a while :3

summer siesta


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